Unique Oppurtunities

Our Unique Opportunities are some of the most desired in the industry.

Good to Know

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions we are often asked about our unique opportunities.

Will I Need a Passport?

It depends on the location, but for our positions in US states and territories, a passport is not needed.

Where Will I Stay?

Lodging will be provided to you. You are likely to stay in a condominium, apartment, or hotel based on availability and location.

Will I Have Transportation Once I Get There?

Yes. In most situations, you will receive a rental car at the airport upon arrival at your destination.

Is Malpractice Insurance Provided?

Yes, your malpractice insurance will be provided for your assignment.

Will I Have Any Time to Enjoy My Location?

Yes! While you are there to work, you will likely have time to enjoy your location, its culture, and all it has to offer.

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