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Permanent Opening for a Pulmonologist in southern, CA

ILR Health is excited to bring you this new opening for a permanent Pulmonologist in southern, CA. The Pulmonologist are primarily involved in the post op care of complicated general neurosurgery and vascular surgery patients, in addition to Medicine patients.

The Intensivist is involved in the care of all ICU patients, and leads family centered interdisciplinary rounds every morning, with a CCRN, PT, Dietician, Pharmacist, MSW and case manager, with easy access to Chaplain Care when needed.

The Intensivist also performs Pulmonary consults and procedures and helps with chronic ventilator management in patients outside the unit.

Bronchoscopies, PleurX catheters, thoracentesis and other outpatient procedures are safely performed in the Pulmonary Lab. EBUS are performed at the local affiliate hospital.

The Pulmonologist are involved with CardioPulmonary stress testing at the outpatient clinic.

A standard full Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) lab is available in each location, offering methacholine challenge testing, FeNO, 24h pH probe, sleep oximetry and unattended home sleep testing.

The schedule is: 1 week on ICU and 1 week outpatient Pulmonary Clinic.

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