Job Title: OB/GYN Call Coverage

OB/GYN In-House Call Coverage, Chicago!

We are looking for in-house OB and Gynecological emergency coverage in Chicago, can you help? Dates currently available are July 31 – 12 hours, August 5th – 24 hour coverage, August 7th – 24 hour coverage, August 12th – 8p-8a and August 27th – 8p-8a


Job description:

– Call room to the unit is on the same floor, 2 doors away

– Called in to do only 3rd and 4th degree repairs

– Called in to do instrumental deliveries (forceps or vacuum)

– Called in if a c-section is needed

– Midwives do all normal vaginal deliveries, H&P’s, admissions, etc (all the leg work)

– Rounding is minimal (only for patients delivered by physicians)

– In charge of any GYN case (of unassigned patients) that presents to the ER and hospital consults

– Very low volume

– First assist on c-sections of private patients.  The physician is out of the OR after the fascia has been closed.  Not responsible of any notes or orders

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